IFRAME 요소 | iframe 객체

Web Tech/Javascript 2009. 10. 14. 11:13
Attribute Property 설명
ALIGN align 테이블 정렬 상태를 가지고 오거나 설정함
ALLOWTRANSPARENCY allowTransparency 개체의 배경색을 투명하게 설정하거나 현재 상태를 가지고 올수 있다.
BORDER border 테두리 너비 설정(입체 테두리 포함)
CLASS className 객체의 스타일 클래스를 설정하거나 가지고 온다
contentWindow window 객채의 지정한 iframe, frame 내용을 가지고 온다
DATAFLD dataFld Sets or retrieves a field of a given data source, as specified by the dataSrc property, to bind to the specified object.
DATASRC dataSrc Sets or retrieves the source of the data for data binding.
firstChild Retrieves a reference to the first child in the childNodes collection of the object.
FRAMEBORDER frameBorder frameborder(프레임 테두리)를 설정하거나 상태를 가지고 온다.
FRAMESPACING frameSpacing Sets or retrieves the amount of additional space between the frames.
HEIGHT height Sets or retrieves the height of the object.
HIDEFOCUS hideFocus Sets or gets the value that indicates whether the object visibly shows that it has focus.
HSPACE hspace Sets or retrieves the horizontal margin for the object.
ID id Sets or retrieves the string identifying the object.
innerText Sets or retrieves the text between the start and end tags of the object.
isContentEditable Gets the value that indicates whether the user can edit the contents of the object.
isDisabled Gets the value that indicates whether the user can interact with the object.
isMultiLine Retrieves the value indicating whether the content of the object contains one or more lines.
isTextEdit Retrieves whether a TextRange object can be created using the object.
LANG lang Sets or retrieves the language to use.
LANGUAGE language Sets or retrieves the language in which the current script is written.
lastChild Retrieves a reference to the last child in the childNodes collection of an object.
longDesc Sets or retrieves a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to a long description of the object.
MARGINHEIGHT marginHeight Sets or retrieves the top and bottom margin heights before displaying the text in a frame.
MARGINWIDTH marginWidth Sets or retrieves the left and right margin widths before displaying the text in a frame.
NAME name Sets or retrieves the frame name.
nextSibling Retrieves a reference to the next child of the parent for the object.
nodeName Retrieves the name of a particular type of node.
nodeType Retrieves the type of the requested node.
nodeValue Sets or retrieves the value of a node.
NORESIZE noResize Sets or retrieves whether the user can resize the frame.
offsetHeight Retrieves the height of the object relative to the layout or coordinate parent, as specified by the offsetParent property.
offsetLeft Retrieves the calculated left position of the object relative to the layout or coordinate parent, as specified by the offsetParent property.
offsetParent Retrieves a reference to the container object that defines the offsetTop and offsetLeft properties of the object.
offsetTop Retrieves the calculated top position of the object relative to the layout or coordinate parent, as specified by the offsetParent property.
offsetWidth Retrieves the width of the object relative to the layout or coordinate parent, as specified by the offsetParent property.
onOffBehavior Gets an object that indicates whether the specified Microsoft DirectAnimation behavior is running.
outerHTML Sets or retrieves the object and its content in HTML.
outerText Sets or retrieves the text of the object.
ownerDocument Retrieves the document object associated with the node.
parentElement Retrieves the parent object in the object hierarchy.
parentNode Retrieves the parent object in the document hierarchy.
parentTextEdit Retrieves the container object in the document hierarchy that can be used to create a TextRange containing the original object.
previousSibling Retrieves a reference to the previous child of the parent for the object.
readyState Retrieves the current state of the object.
readyState Retrieves a value that indicates the current state of the object.
recordNumber Retrieves the ordinal record from the data set that generated the object.
scopeName Gets the namespace defined for the element.
SCROLLING scrolling Sets or retrieves whether the frame can be scrolled.
SECURITY Sets the value indicating whether the source file of a frame or iframe has specific security restrictions applied.
sourceIndex Retrieves the ordinal position of the object, in source order, as the object appears in the document's all collection.
SRC src Sets or retrieves a URL to be loaded by the object.
STYLE Sets an inline style for the element.
TABINDEX tabIndex Sets or retrieves the index that defines the tab order for the object.
tagName Retrieves the tag name of the object.
tagUrn Sets or gets the Uniform Resource Name (URN) specified in the namespace declaration.
TITLE title Sets or retrieves advisory information (a ToolTip) for the object.
uniqueID Retrieves an autogenerated, unique identifier for the object.
UNSELECTABLE Specifies that an element cannot be selected.
VSPACE vspace Sets or retrieves the vertical margin for the object.
WIDTH width Sets or retrieves the width of the object.
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IIS 사용자 마다 PHP 설정 다르게 적용

Web Tech/PHP 2009. 10. 5. 10:45

Windows의 IIS는 Apache와 달리 .htaccess, httpd.conf로 PHP의 설정을 변경하는게 안된다!
아우 짜증 +.+

그래서 PHP 메뉴얼을 찾아보았는데 그에 근접하게 레지스트리를 이용한 방법이 있었다.
단, 모든 것이 가능한것은 아니다.

몇몇 부분만 레지스트리로 지정할수 있는데 그래도 만족이이다. ^.^
(만일 몇몇 부분 보다 더 지정하고 싶다면 그것은 PHP 소스를 받아서 수정하고 다시 컴파일 하여야 할것이다...)

레지스트리의 저장 위치는
"HKLM\SOFTWARE\PHP\Per Directory Values\디렉토리" 된다.
예를 들면 IIS의 최초 설치시 기본 경로인 c:\inetpub\wwwroot

"HKLM\SOFTWARE\PHP\Per Directory Values\c\inetpub\wwwroot"에 지정하면 된다.
PHP_INI_USER로 변경 가능한 값만 지정 가능하다.

변경 가능한 내용은 다음과 같다.(PHP 버전에 따라 틀리수도 있으니 꼭 메뉴얼을 참고 한다.)
PHP 기준

이름 기본값
allow_url_fopen "1"
allow_url_include "0"
apc.cache_by_default "1"
apc.optimization "0"
apd.bitmask "0"
apd.dumpdir NULL
apd.statement_tracing "0"
arg_separator "&"
arg_separator.output "&"
assert.active "1"
assert.bail "0"
assert.callback NULL
assert.quiet_eval "0"
assert.warning "1"
async_send "0"
auto_detect_line_endings "0"
axis2.client_home "~/work/axisc/c/deply"
axis2.enable_exception "1"
axis2.enable_trace "1"
axis2.log_path "/tmp"
bcmath.scale "0"
bcompiler.enabled "1"
birdstep.max_links "-1"
blenc.key_file "/usr/local/etc/blenckeys"
cgi.nph "0"
cgi.rfc2616_headers "0"
child_terminate "0"
coin_acceptor.autoreset "On"
coin_acceptor.auto_initialize "Off"
coin_acceptor.auto_reset "On"
coin_acceptor.command_function "Off"
coin_acceptor.delay "53132"
coin_acceptor.delay_coins "53132"
coin_acceptor.delay_prom "55748"
coin_acceptor.device "/dev/ttyS1"
coin_acceptor.lock_on_close "Off"
coin_acceptor.start_unlocked "On"
com.autoregister_casesensitive "1"
com.autoregister_typelib "0"
com.autoregister_verbose "0"
com.code_page ""
daffodildb.default_host "localhost"
daffodildb.default_password "daffodil"
daffodildb.default_socket NULL
daffodildb.default_user "DAFFODIL"
daffodildb.port "3456"
date.default_latitude "31.7667"
date.default_longitude "35.2333"
date.sunrise_zenith "90.583333"
date.sunset_zenith "90.583333"
date.timezone ""
dba.default_handler ""
default_charset ""
default_mimetype "text/html"
default_socket_timeout "60"
define_syslog_variables "0"
detect_unicode "1"
display_errors "1"
display_startup_errors "0"
docref_ext ""
docref_root ""
engine "1"
error_append_string NULL
error_log NULL
error_prepend_string NULL
error_reporting NULL
etpan.default.charset "utf-8"
etpan.default.protocol "imap"
exif.decode_jis_intel "JIS"
exif.decode_jis_motorola "JIS"
exif.decode_unicode_intel "UCS-2LE"
exif.decode_unicode_motorola "UCS-2BE"
exif.encode_jis ""
exif.encode_unicode "ISO-8859-15"
expect.logfile ""
expect.loguser "1"
expect.timeout "10"
fbsql.batchsize "1000"
from ""
gd.jpeg_ignore_warning "0"
geoip.custom_directory NULL
geoip.database_standard "GeoIP.dat"
gpc_order "GPC"
highlight.bg "#FFFFFF"
highlight.comment "#FF8000"
highlight.default "#0000BB"
highlight.html "#000000"
highlight.keyword "#007700"
highlight.string "#DD0000"
html_errors "1"
http.allowed_methods ""
http.allowed_methods_log ""
http.cache_log ""
http.composite_log ""
http.etag.mode "MD5"
http.etag_mode "MD5"
http.force_exit "1"
http.log.allowed_methods ""
http.log.cache ""
http.log.composite ""
http.log.not_found ""
http.log.redirect ""
http.ob_deflate_flags "0"
http.ob_inflate_flags "0"
http.only_exceptions "0"
http.persistent.handles.ident "GLOBAL"
http.redirect_log ""
http.request.methods.allowed ""
http.send.deflate.start_flags "0"
http.send.inflate.start_flags "0"
http.send.not_found_404 "1"
hyperwave.default_port "418"
ibase.dateformat "%Y-%m-%d"
ibase.default_charset NULL
ibase.default_password NULL
ibase.default_user NULL
ibase.timeformat "%H:%M:%S"
ibase.timestampformat "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
ibm_db2.binmode "1"
iconv.input_encoding "ISO-8859-1"
iconv.internal_encoding "ISO-8859-1"
iconv.output_encoding "ISO-8859-1"
ifx.blobinfile "1"
ifx.byteasvarchar "0"
ifx.charasvarchar "0"
ifx.nullformat "0"
ifx.textasvarchar "0"
ignore_repeated_errors "0"
ignore_repeated_source "0"
ignore_user_abort "0"
imlib2.font_cache_max_size "524288"
imlib2.font_path "/usr/share/php/fonts/"
implicit_flush "0"
include_path ".;/path/to/php/pear"
ingres.array_index_start "1"
ingres.blob_segment_length "4096"
ingres.cursor_mode "0"
ingres.default_database NULL
ingres.default_password NULL
ingres.default_user NULL
ingres.report_db_warnings "1"
ingres.timeout "-1"
ingres.trace_connect "0"
ircg.control_user "nobody"
ircg.keep_alive_interval "60"
ircg.max_format_message_sets "12"
ircg.shared_mem_size "6000000"
ircg.work_dir "/tmp/ircg"
last_modified "0"
ldap.base_dn NULL
log.dbm_dir ""
log_errors "0"
log_errors_max_len "1024"
magic_quotes_runtime "0"
magic_quotes_sybase "0"
mail.log ""
mailparse.def_charset "us-ascii"
maxdb.default_db NULL
maxdb.default_host NULL
maxdb.default_pw NULL
maxdb.default_user NULL
maxdb.long_readlen "200"
max_execution_time "30"
mbstring.detect_order NULL
mbstring.http_input "pass"
mbstring.http_output "pass"
mbstring.internal_encoding NULL
mbstring.script_encoding NULL
mbstring.strict_detection "0"
mbstring.substitute_character NULL
mcrypt.algorithms_dir NULL
mcrypt.modes_dir NULL
memcache.allow_failover "1"
memcache.chunk_size "8192"
memcache.default_port "11211"
memcache.hash_function "crc32"
memcache.hash_strategy "standard"
memcache.max_failover_attempts "20"
memory_limit "128M"
msql.allow_persistent "1"
msql.max_links "-1"
msql.max_persistent "-1"
mssql.batchsize "0"
mssql.charset ""
mssql.compatability_mode "0"
mssql.connect_timeout "5"
mssql.datetimeconvert "1"
mssql.max_procs "-1"
mssql.min_error_severity "10"
mssql.min_message_severity "10"
mssql.textlimit "-1"
mssql.textsize "-1"
mssql.timeout "60"
mysql.connect_timeout "60"
mysql.default_host NULL
mysql.default_password NULL
mysql.default_port NULL
mysql.default_socket NULL
mysql.default_user NULL
mysql.trace_mode "0"
mysqli.default_host NULL
mysqli.default_port "3306"
mysqli.default_pw NULL
mysqli.default_socket NULL
mysqli.default_user NULL
namazu.debugmode "0"
namazu.lang NULL
namazu.loggingmode "0"
namazu.sortmethod NULL
namazu.sortorder NULL
nsapi.read_timeout "60"
odbc.defaultbinmode "1"
odbc.defaultlrl "4096"
odbc.default_db NULL
odbc.default_pw NULL
odbc.default_user NULL
odbtp.datetime_format "object"
odbtp.detach_default_queries "0"
odbtp.guid_format "string"
odbtp.interface_file "/usr/local/share/odbtp.conf"
odbtp.truncation_errors "1"
opendirectory.default_separator "/"
opendirectory.max_refs "-1"
opendirectory.separator "/"
open_basedir NULL
oracle.allow_persistent "-1"
oracle.max_links "-1"
oracle.max_persistent "-1"
pam.servicename "php"
pcre.backtrack_limit "100000"
pcre.recursion_limit "100000"
pdo_odbc.connection_pooling "strict"
pfpro.defaulthost "test-payflow.verisign.com"
pfpro.defaultport "443"
pfpro.defaulttimeout "30"
pfpro.proxyaddress ""
pfpro.proxylogon ""
pfpro.proxypassword ""
pfpro.proxyport ""
pgsql.ignore_notice "0"
pgsql.log_notice "0"
phar.extract_list ""
phar.readonly "1"
phar.require_hash "1"
precision "14"
printer.default_printer ""
python.append_path ""
python.prepend_path "."
report_memleaks "1"
report_zend_debug "1"
sendmail_from NULL
serialize_precision "100"
session.auto_start "0"
session.bug_compat_42 "1"
session.bug_compat_warn "1"
session.cache_expire "180"
session.cache_limiter "nocache"
session.cookie_domain ""
session.cookie_httponly ""
session.cookie_lifetime "0"
session.cookie_path "/"
session.cookie_secure ""
session.entropy_file ""
session.entropy_length "0"
session.gc_dividend "100"
session.gc_divisor "100"
session.gc_maxlifetime "1440"
session.gc_probability "1"
session.hash_bits_per_character "4"
session.hash_function "0"
session.name "PHPSESSID"
session.referer_check ""
session.save_handler "files"
session.save_path ""
session.serialize_handler "php"
session.use_cookies "1"
session.use_only_cookies "1"
session.use_trans_sid "0"
short_open_tag "1"
simple_cvs.authMethod "0"
simple_cvs.compressionLevel "0"
simple_cvs.cvsRoot "0"
simple_cvs.host "0"
simple_cvs.moduleName "0"
simple_cvs.userName "0"
simple_cvs.workingDir "0"
SMTP "localhost"
smtp_port "25"
soap.wsdl_cache "1"
soap.wsdl_cache_dir "/tmp"
soap.wsdl_cache_enabled "1"
soap.wsdl_cache_limit "5"
soap.wsdl_cache_ttl "86400"
sqlite.assoc_case "0"
sqlite.iso8859.locale "1"
sybase.allow_persistent "1"
sybase.hostname NULL
sybase.interface_file ""
sybase.login_timeout "0"
sybase.max_links "-1"
sybase.max_persistent "-1"
sybase.min_client_severity "10"
sybase.min_error_severity "10"
sybase.min_message_severity "10"
sybase.min_server_severity "10"
sybase.timeout "0"
sybct.deadlock_retry_count "0"
sybct.hostname NULL
sybct.login_timeout "-1"
sybct.min_client_severity "10"
sybct.min_server_severity "10"
sybct.packet_size "0"
sybct.timeout "0"
sysvshm.init_mem "10000"
tidy.clean_output "0"
track_errors "0"
track_vars "1"
unicode.fallback_encoding NULL
unicode.filesystem_encoding NULL
unicode.http_input_encoding NULL
unicode.output_encoding NULL
unicode.runtime_encoding NULL
unicode.script_encoding NULL
unicode.stream_encoding "UTF-8"
unserialize_callback_func NULL
uploadprogress.file.filename_template "/tmp/upt_%s.txt"
url_rewriter.tags "a=href,area=href,frame=src,form=,fieldset="
user_agent NULL
valkyrie.auto_validate "0"
valkyrie.config_path NULL
velocis.max_links "-1"
xbithack "0"
xdebug.auto_profile "0"
xdebug.auto_profile_mode "0"
xdebug.auto_trace "0"
xdebug.collect_includes "1"
xdebug.collect_params "0"
xdebug.collect_return "0"
xdebug.collect_vars "0"
xdebug.default_enable "1"
xdebug.dump.COOKIE NULL
xdebug.dump.ENV NULL
xdebug.dump.FILES NULL
xdebug.dump.GET NULL
xdebug.dump.POST NULL
xdebug.dump.REQUEST NULL
xdebug.dump.SERVER NULL
xdebug.dump.SESSION NULL
xdebug.dump_globals "1"
xdebug.dump_once "1"
xdebug.dump_undefined "0"
xdebug.idekey ""
xdebug.manual_url "http://www.php.net"
xdebug.max_nesting_level "100"
xdebug.remote_autostart "0"
xdebug.remote_handler "dbgp"
xdebug.remote_host "localhost"
xdebug.remote_log ""
xdebug.remote_mode "req"
xdebug.remote_port "9000"
xdebug.show_exception_trace "0"
xdebug.show_local_vars "0"
xdebug.show_mem_delta "0"
xdebug.trace_format "0"
xdebug.trace_options "0"
xdebug.trace_output_dir "/tmp"
xdebug.trace_output_name "trace.%c"
xdebug.var_display_max_children "128"
xdebug.var_display_max_data "512"
xdebug.var_display_max_depth "3"
xmlrpc_error_number "0"
xmms.path "/usr/bin/xmms"
xmms.session "0"
y2k_compliance "1"
yami.response.timeout "5"
yaz.keepalive "120"
yaz.log_file NULL
yaz.log_mask NULL
yaz.max_links "100"
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode "0"
zlib.output_compression "0"
zlib.output_compression_level "-1"
zlib.output_handler ""
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CSS 글자에 그라데이션 효과 주기

Web Tech/CSS & HTML 2009. 8. 27. 16:21
예제 파일 받아서 하면 어지간한 개발자들은 이해할듯??

출처: http://www.webdesignerwall.com/tutorials/css-gradient-text-effect/
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Javascript Last Charter Remove

Web Tech/Javascript 2009. 8. 25. 15:43
script ex:
var str="?id=abcdefg&pw=1234&"

str result :
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Javascript Prototype 1.6 isArray

Web Tech/Javascript 2009. 8. 19. 15:35
function isArray(o) {  
    return Object.prototype.toString.call(o) == '[object Array]';  

한줄만 추가해서 간단하게 끝나버리다니;
prototype 만세!인가-_-'
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Javascript 레이어 컨트롤

Web Tech/Javascript 2009. 8. 17. 15:22
지정된 객체의 보이는 너비와 높이(Get)
object.offsetWidth / obeject.offsetHeight

지정된 객체의 보이는 위치상의 x,y 좌표
object.offsetLeft / obeject.offsetTop

이게 있는줄 몰라서 도대체 얼마나 고생한것이냐....

역시 구글링을;;;
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