MySQL 5.1.x 설치 안될때

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설치때 다음처럼 뜨면서 설치가 중단되버린다.

MySQL Server 5.1 Setup Wizard ended prematurely

The wizard was interrupted before MySQL Server 5.1. could be completely installed.

Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run
setup again.

Click Finish to exit the wizard.


I found a solution to this bug:
1,download and install orca, an editor to msi files.
2,open mysql5.135+ msi file and search "SetDateTime" and u will find a row,its target
value is "CASetRegDateTime",delete this row and save(notice: don't use "save as",if use
"save as",the msi file will be corrupted and u can't install)
3,double-click mysql msi file,the installation will go smoothly.


번역아닌 번역

1. MSI 에디터인 Orca를 받아서 mysql 설치 파일을 열어준다.

2. CASetRegDateTime를 검색하여 제거한다.

   (절대로 다른른이름으로 저장하지 마라, 설치가 안된다)

3. 프로그램 설치 재시고 한다.






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